So Sam's jaundice levels have gone up just a touch since the morning. The Dr would like to keep her overnight and have her checked in the morning (yes, that means sticking her with a needle for the 3rd time). The Dr will be in at 7am to discuss the results. We'll be coming home in the morning, we just don't know if we'll be brining one of those cool glowing blankets for Sammy to wear or not.

Ella and I still plan to attend Danny's wedding. It is on the beach in Rehoboth at 7 pm. I told her it is like Ariel and Prince Eric and then afterwards we get to go to a ball. We're just driving down for the ceremony, eating and then driving back.

Uncle Al will be in to visit Friday night...yipppeeee!


Mommy and Sammy after a feeding.
Nice she has started to feed really well Sammy has been sleeping pretty well on her own.

So.....we don't know what is going on. After the lab woman came in a made a mess of Sam we found out that her jaundice level is a little high (12.4). We thought we would be heading out soon, but now the Dr. wants to redo the test at 7pm to see if her levels are going up or down. Normally the highest time is 48 hours after birth, which was when they tested her. A test tonight will show if the level is on the rise or not. If it is above 12.4 then she'll get one of those glowing Billy blankets, if it's not up then she's good to go. I wonder if it is the same?

We'll either be going home late tonight or tomorrow in the morning.


Things are going so well with the girls that they're looking at sending them home today. Natalie is still having gas pains in the shoulder, but she is suppose to walk that off. She'll be getting to take a shower today which will get rid of all the itching she has. The last nurse even said they might look at removing her staples today. If we do leave, it will be late today.

Samantha's temperature is perfect and since she has started to feed for up to 40 minutes at a time she is sleeping very well without having to be held. Her blood type is AB+. They'll be taking the clamp off her belly button the next time and checking her jaundice level.

All of the nurses love the blanket and doll that Aunt Nenni made for her.

I would post pictures, but during Ella's last visit she dropped the new camera and bent the lens. Hoping to find a camera repair shop, I love this new camera.

Feeling Better

Natalie has had her pee bag removed and was taken off the all liquid diet. Last night she walked around the room and took care of Samantha. This morning she had a real breakfast and we are hoping that when the nurse comes in they'll take out the IV line.

Ella will be coming up this morning to take Mommy on a walk through the hospital. Natalie says she feels great, but her insides hurt. Which makes sense, at one point during the surgery her uterus was sitting on her stomach...I did not take a peak at that, even though they told us about it while it was happening.

The Boob Milk Doctor came in and gave her a few tips for helping Samantha and the feeding has been going great. Right now she is feeding and has been latched on for 20 minutes. This morning Samantha's weight was down to 6.5 lbs, but that is a normal drop in weight. I was surprised it wasn't more considering the massive slime balls of poop she has been producing.

Family Visits

Coming to the sunset on our first day with Samantha. The texts, Facebook posts and visitors have been amazing. We love our family, we love our friends and we love where we find ourselves. God is amazing!!!

Aunt Nenni, Johnny and Grams

Johnny and Pops

Uncle Shawn

Uncle Chuckles, Aunt Shell and Wyatt

Baba Bevy and Princess Big Sister Ella

Princess Big Sister Ella

First Diaper Change

Holy enormous poop Batman...
Daddy here...So I'm holding her and she starts grunting and turning red. No way she could be pooping already, right? Not so fast my friend. Let the dark sludge ooze out. The good news is that there was some pee. That is 2 items off the checklist...nice job Sammie or Sammy or Samie or Sam or Samantha, we'll have to figure this out. If she really does have red hair and it stays red we will need to come up with some new red head nicknames...any ideas?

Samantha Adair Redhead and Healthy

All is very well and Samantha Adair Dennison is in the world.
6 pounds 9 ounces
18 inches long
Everybody is doing well, Mommy and Sam are in the recovery room for another hour, but both look great and are recovery very well. Mommy has already feed Sam and the latch went well!!! The nurses called her "pumpkin head" and Ella said she knew she would have red hair. Ella and Baba Bevy will be by after lunch to meet her new sister.

The Prep