I have really marveled at Natalie lately. I have been working too long and too hard that I am useless around the house and with the girls, I have fallen asleep on the living room floor in front of Sam's swing twice. I have been wearing my suck helmet for a long time now; both as a father and a dad. She gets home late, never complains and get dinner on the table and works to keep our day to day in order. She lets me vent about my kids or the new special educator I'm working with and smiles lovingly. Meanwhile, she is trying to adjust to going back to work, not being with the girls all day and finding enough sleep to keep herself running. I do marvel at her.

At the same time I want to thank my Mom who has been a huge help to us. Aside from keeping our girls safe and giving them a loving home to grow in each day, she has done all sorts of small things around our house that really help out. I just want her and everyone else to know how much we appreciate her time and her love.