The Belly Button Fairy

Spent the morning taking Ella to the release of Bonnie Hinman's new book, "The Belly Button Fairy." Ended up meeting Aunt Nenni and Johnny there. By the time we got there the bookstore was filled with little girls smacking each other in the face with their fairy wings and mother's yelling about getting their free cup.

Earlier in the morning we spent an hour at the library typing in titles, taking notes and then running around looking for books. We've really enjoyed our trips to the library and each time leave with a handful, which she likes to check out using the personal checkout station. This morning we checked out "Super Guinea Pig" and several bunny books, including a bunny comic book. She also's also digging an octopus, non-fiction book.
I feel like we know each so well lately, she makes me proud to be her Daddy. The night before I went back to school she and I went out to dinner at Olive Garden, just the 2 of us. She is unlike anyone I've ever know, amazing.