In the Holiday Spirit

The Dennisons kicked off the holiday season with a special night of Christmas festivities. First, we all picked out our Christmas trees together at the local tree lot. $55 for a medium size tree--welcome to Bel Air! Thankfully, Pops played the role of Santa and bought a tree for all of his kids.

Charlie and Michele find the perfect tree!

Mommy, Ella, and Thomas in the holiday spirit.

Ella posing with Grams and Pops. Cheese!

Ella all dolled up in her holiday outfit.

After picking out our trees, we all went out for a holiday dinner. Check out Ella reading the menu. (I think she looks ridiculously grown-up here.)

After dinner, we went to Applewood Farm to ride the Christmas train and see the light displays. It was very cold, but Ella didn't mind! All aboard!

Play time with Ella

Things really do change when you have kids! Instead of drinks with friends, the best Saturday nights are spent playing with Ella. She is such a hoot! Our favorite thing to do is to dress up and have a tea party. She will literally do this for hours--apparently a toddler can never have enough tea!

Ella showing off her "click clack shoes" dressed as Snow White. Here she is bringing in pretend hot chocolate from the kitchen. A woman on a mission!
Ella taking a break from serving tea to do an impromptu dance. Sorry girl, looks like you have Mommy's rhythm!

Mommy and Ella dressed for the tea party.

Ella dancing in her tutu. Isn't she adorable?!

Mommy and Ella goofing around before bed time.

Ella dressed for school. Check out her smile-just like Mommy's!

Thanksgiving in Gettysburg

The Dennisons tried something new for Thanksgiving this year--camping! We all traveled to Gettysburg, PA to meet with Kathy's brothers and sisters for a great, big Thanksgiving camp out. Despite a slightly rainy start, the weekend turned out great. Kathy even arranged for some local historians to visit our campsite and teach us about life as a Union soldier. Above, Thomas is learning to fire a Civil War era rifle. That thing is heavier than it looks!

Natalie showing her soldiering skills. Fire!

The Thanksgiving feast was great. We all brought a dish to contribute and Uncle Matt cooked the turkey in the great tradition of our ancestors-- in the fry daddy :) As you can see, Ella approved!

Ella and Daddy playing Thanksgiving football.

Ella's got the ball! TOUCHDOWN!

Visiting old friends

In November, Ella and I traveled to the distant land of Waco, TX to watch one of my dearest friends, Jennifer Sims, graduate from Bayor Law school. Like all things Jennifer, her path through law school was unique. She attended full-time while raising a daughter on her own while her husband served in Iraq. By her own admission, it was one of the hardest things she has ever done. I am so proud of her!

Above are Ella and Jenn's daughter, Madison, age 4. Ella had a great time playing with Madison--they were great company for each other!

Ella attended a super-hero themed birthday with Madison while we were visiting. Madison dressed up as a Power Ranger and Ella was Lenny the Guinea Pig fromo Wonder Pets. Her Grams made this costume...isn't it great?

Ella learning to use chopsticks at PeiWei. What a little yuppie!

Natalie an Jenn on the big day!

Ella and Madison all dressed up for graduation.