Contact Info

Natalie and I will be getting rid of our house phone and going strictly to cell phones.  From now on call our cell phones directly.  The numbers are the same.

I will also be changing my e-mail address and using tedjr7ou@me.com.  The comcast account will no longer work.

Natalie will be changing her e-mail account soon because she gets so much spam, we'll keep you posted and keep our cell phones on us.  

Baby Girl Update

Hey, I know the news has been out for about 2 weeks and most people already know, but we're a little forgetful when it comes to updating the blog.  

Anyway, on February 2 went found out that we are having another girl.  Everyone is excited, even Ella...who spent most of the ultrasound asking if she could have a snack.  Here is the newest addition to our family.
Now it's time to get working on the new room and venture into the attic to see what baby stuff we have, what we have given away, what we think is useless, what we want this time and what has become out dated in just 5 years.

Samantha Adair Dennison, due June 29, 2009