Something About Ella

There is just something about Ella.
It's hard to put a finger on it, but there is something there unlike any person I've ever met. It's not that she prays when she is upset, that she takes an extra snack for a kid at school or that she dances and jumps around the house when almost any sort of music is on. It's not that she hums the worship songs I play on the guitar when she is coloring or that she has 50 "favorite" stuffed animals.
She is just Ella, created by God and sent to bless us. She doesn't fit into a plan that Daddy has, God has something much more amazing in store for her...
...she is just JOY.

As I was editing pictures today I started to see a running theme...
Princess Minnie Mouse Ella and her Grams.

Ella and her Uncle Al.

Ella and her cousin Johnny sharing the new piano.

Ella and her friend Morgan, who lives across the street.

Ella and Sophia enjoying the hot tub at Grumpy and BaBa's house.

"Daddy, I sure do miss Sophia."

"Daddy, really! I sure do miss Sophia."