Happy 4th Birthday

Well, somehow 4 years raced by and our daughter is now really freakin' old! We will be having her bowling party with friends and family on August 3, but we still celebrated on her actual birthday.

When she woke up she had a jelly donut and a Hanna Montana balloon waiting for her. She was so excited, she had clip it to her pants and take it to school.

Before heading out to school Grams and Pops called from Boston to sing Happy Birthday to her.
She took cupcakes and gifts to school for her friends.

When Daddy picker her up from school all of the Backyardigans were waiting for her in her seat. She only needed Pablo and Tyrone to complete her collection and was so excited to have all of them.

Then we went to get her hair fixed and her pictures taken, something we do every year. She was so excited about her Backyardigans that she got pictures with all of them too.
Then Uncle Chuckles and Aunt Chel joined us for her birthday dinner at Friendly's...she wanted ice cream.
After dinner we came home and there was a message from Baba and Grumpy singing Happy Birthday to her.

Then she blew out candles on some cupcakes and she opened her gifts from Mommy and Daddy.

Right before going to bed she got a call from Aunt Nenni.

It was a birthday that Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed with her.

Ella's School Celebration

Ella wanted to make cupcakes for her friends at school and Aunt Nenni was nice enough to send an entire box of cupcake supplies. Shocking!!!

We also made gift bags for each of her friends at school. We went to the Dollar Store and somehow spent over $50.00. She made princess bags and Superman bags, but said it was okay if boys wanted a princess and girls wanted a Superman. She took a Superman bag for herself!

Ahhh, Disney!!!

I can't do it...don't make me...the Disney blog is just TOO big!!!

We have 4gbs of videos and pictures. Stop by sometime and we'll give you the full show:-)