The Camera is Back

Yippee, the camera is back. After Ella dropped it in the hospital and bent the lens, Canon was nice enough to return it to us fixed up and ready to go (we simply sent them $130 to fix the $180 camera, seems resonable).
During the Canon's abscense we tried to take pics with the old Sony, which also took a spill and seems to take very blurry pics.
So first thing I like to do when I get the camera back, torture my daughter. Actually this is one of Daddy's special burping techniques. I don't do it right after a feeding though and always try and point her the other way.
Check out my red tan, worked very hard on that. Who says pasty white dudes don't get color over the summer.

Can't believe she is digging the gym already. During her awake time, she kicks and looks around for about 5 minutes.

Check it out, already looks so old to us. Today she was 9.5 lbs. Only 5 weeks ago she was 6.9 and could barely open her eyes. One thing that hasn't change are the massive and stinky poops, not ladey like!
BTW: I tried to get Natalie to put up a few posts since the profile is her and the blog was her creation (I even threatened to create my own blog) but no dice. I recon if she continues to feed the kid I will update he blog, I have no interest in swapping jobs.