"I See So Much More"

Well, Ella finally got her glasses. After 3 separate eye doctors and 2 screenings at school she finally can see. It turns out she as 20/80 vision and a stigmatism. Since her eyes have been seeing in such poor quality they haven't been developing the way the should and have started to go a little lazy. It is not anything that we notice, but all of the doctors saw it. Her new doctor is hopeing that by just wearing glasses the eyes with start to strengthen themselves. If they don't, within the next few months, they will be patching one of her eyes for periods of time to help the muscles develop. Either way, the laziness will go away and won't be a problem. The rest however, is permanent. The doctor said, "she is a contacts or glasses girl the rest of her life." Just like her Mommy.

We tried on EVERY pair of kids glasses in the store and we all kept coming back to these. They just seem to look like Ella, we love them! She wakes up in the morning saying, "I can't see very well, I need my glasses." We'll see how it goes at Disney:-)

Talking to Aunt Nenny in Kansas...