Sammy is really starting to move around. She isn't sure what happens when she turns a certain way or how to move to get to where she wants to go, only that she knows how to move. She'll spot something (the poor cat) or someone and move in every way that she can to get there.

Busted kid!!! Where do you think you're going?!
Last week we set her down in her gym and look over to find her under the piano bench. She was tickled with herself!!!

Working her way off the mat. BTW...when did she get so freakin' long?!

Made her way to the mirror to compliment that girl with the fuzzy red hair. "I love your poofy hair and oh, my gosh where did you get those pajamas." At what point in our lives do we stop running to the mirror and laughing in joy and start running away from the mirror, saying how fat we look? Is that too heavy for the baby blog?

The classic backwards swim move. Allows for lateral movement east and west.

Ella and I took this time lapsed video of Sam playing with her turtle mirror on the floor in her bedroom.

Brutus Sitting

Brutus has been hanging out at the house with us while Mom and Dad are visiting in Ohio. It's been pretty fun.

We took him to the dog park yesterday with our friends Danny and Lisa and their dogs Cali and Buddy. Ella was really pumped to go, but when we got there she wanted to know where all the swings were. "This isn't a park," she complained. After a while she asked if she could run with the dogs, but that seemed really unsafe since there were about 25 dogs just roaming and running around off their leashes. To be honest, I was a little disapointed. There were only old dirty balls, no tunnels or things to jump on; just a huge fenced in mud pit. It was nice hanging out with the Zubrowski family though, Ella loves Danny and Ms. Lisa.
He was pretty calm for a while and let the other dogs check him out. Everybody loved him and he was one of the biggest dogs there. At one point 2 dogs got into a fight and EVERY dog when running into the pile, Brutus being one of the big guys had other dogs jumping on him. The boxer you see above was a little aggressive towards Brutus.
Most of the time he just walked up to people and let them pet him. There was no clean water so he got tired pretty quick. While he and I were sitting at a bench a big dog came over to sniff him and jumped on him. I ended up picking him up and carrying him away. I think he was too tired to deal with the other dogs anymore. We went for a walk and found Natalie and Ella (who went to a real park).
He was exhausted the rest of the day! This is where he has been sleeping in our room. Today Ella and I went to the pet store to buy him a bone. I felt bad that I took him to play and those 2 other dogs had to try and show how tough they were by trying to pick on him. He did a great job though and has been following me everywhere. Right now he is laying next to my chair as I type.