My Girls!!!

Thomas writes: I was talking with a friend recently about the path my family has taken to be where we are now. The struggle for 2 years of trying to get pregnant, the ignorant want of a boy and finally fully trusting God and receiving the amazing gift of a second redheaded daughter. I am so convinced and so happy to raise a household full of girls, it is not a job I take lightly. God gives us a role and designs each one of us to fill a specific role. I believe a daughter needs her Daddy, God sets us up as men and father's to lead and love.

Last week Ella "Graduated" from pre-k. It was the second time she did so, since we kept her in pre-k for an extra year due to her age. She was so amazing up on that stage: singing her songs louder than anyone, doing each sign, saying her words in spanish and then saying, "when I grow up I want to be a Mommy." She didn't copy the other girls who wanted to be mermaids or nurses, she wants to be her Mommy!

Yesterday she called me when I was in Ohio helping Charlie move and she said to me, "I really miss seeing you and hope that you come back safely to us." Two weeks ago she prayed in front of the whole church, bravely... then leaned on me and kissed my cheek and grabbed my arm with both of her hands.

What an honor to raise my girls. To see how amazing their Mommy is, to feel her love and patience in all that she does. You just have no idea how amazing Natalie is. To see Samantha using her signs, showing me "stop," trying to blow a kiss, flapping her arms when she sees one of us or even watching her chase the dog.That's my big girl just chilling on the steps with me, rockin' her Popeye smile and spotting a kitty cat. Aunt Nenni took this picture from her car as we went out to say good-bye to them.

Samantha is "all done" at the graduation.

This is not what I thought I wanted...where is the baseball, the young professional golfer I'm training, the Star Wars battles or bow ties and rockin' hats? This is not the fatherhood I had planned, but somehow I wake up happy and am filled with love everyday. I have amazing kids and an untouchable wife. How could I ever question God? He truly wants what is best for me. -

Father give me the strength to be everything I'm called to be.
Father show me the way to lead them
won't you lead me...