Welcome the Furnis

Donnie and the girls  have finally made it to Maryland, although Skyler has to have nebulizer treatments every four hours.  Typically everyone has t
o sing to her to get her relaxed enough to enjoy the mist.  Check out the Mobile Me account to see video of "Little Bunny Foo-Foo."

Daddy giving Skyler her treatment.

Sophia and Ella decorating cookies...you can never have too many sprinkles!!!  ELLA LIKE SPRINKLES...mmmmm

Nice and calm with Uncle Al, ahh.  Shh, don't read too loud you might distract them.  Just give me a second to clean the house, just a second....please!  Oh come, on~

Baba Bevy comforting Skyler after a treatment.  
The epic battle continues, Godzilla vs MegaGodzilla.  Who will win Skyler's love?

Skyler loves MegaGodzilla, but don't we all...until he turns on us and then we'll be looking to Godzilla to save us all again.