I want to give a quick shout out to our friends here in Maryland. God has placed an amazing structure of love and friendship around us.

A few weeks ago Danny offered to help me remodel our bedroom while Natalie was away for Alex's graduation. On Friday night his Dad came into down unexpectedly, but Danny still stayed and worked with me until well after 7:00. The next day he had his bachelor party and then the following day he was back in the house helping Ella and I finish the room. Not once did he complain or fuss.
Last week he and Lisa were married down at Rehoboth Beach, while I was invited I told him I didn't know if I could come because it was so close to Sam's birth. He left it open, never made a big deal and when I called the day before to ask if I could bring Ella they welcomed her with no worries. Ella and I loved attending their wedding on the beach (like Ariel and Prince Eric) and then going to their "ball" afterwards. It was some Daddy and Ella bonding time that we needed. While we were there she danced all night with Ali, who didn't care that they were the only 2 people on the floor dancing.

Ella and Ali dancing to every song, no matter what for over 2 hours.

Ella and Ali sharing dinner after a long dance.

A few days ago Elizabeth stopped by with dinner made by the Barnaba family: shrimp and crab pasta with caesar salad and rolls. She came back from the beach to see the baby and bring us and awesome meal. She held Sam for almost an hour. Natalie said it was one of the best gifts we've ever received.

Seriously, shrimp and crab pasta....OMG!!!

On Wednesday and Thursday Jeff and I golfed 24 holes and attended the opening day of the AT&T National Tournament at Congressional Golf Club. We walked the course and saw Anthony Kim, Fred Couples, Boo Weekly and even saw Tiger Woods practice on the range for 45 minutes only 20 yards away from us. It was relaxing, chilled and the perfect father's day gift from Natalie.

All in all, despite the Ravens...Maryland is Good People!!!

Missed a Few Days

Wow, so you miss a few days with a newborn on a blog and it is hard to get caught up...Here is the run down.
  • Came home on Friday morning, June 26
  • Feeding: every 3-4 hours
  • Jaundice: pricked and checked her 6 times, all is good now
  • Papa gave her a pacifer for the first time
  • Poops are constant, loud and seem to squirt (just ask my principal who got a yellow poop shot up the arm as a good-bye)
  • Mommy: Feeling sooooo much better than last time, actually went to a breast feeding class this morning where I'm told it was an entire room of screaming babies and boobs
  • Big Sister: does amazing with Samantha when they are together. She reads to her, gets her blankets, brings her toys, helps with diapers. At night, however, Ella is feeling pushed out and is resorting back to a lot of her old bed time behaviors. She gets so angry with us so quick, it is hard to see and hard to be a part of. We are trying to give her as much special attention as possible. It makes it hard for me to enjoy my time with Sam as much because my other daughter is not herself.