Hershey Adventure

Ella and I have started going on "adventures." We get in the truck and just drive. We don't have plans or expectations, just spend the day together doing something far away that we normally don't do. Of course, I look ahead to see if there are things we'd enjoy such as a kids' museum or in this case, Hershey Park and her favorite music group The Imagination Movers. We were actually tipped off by one of the students in my class that they were going to be at the park. I didn't tell her anything, just drove to Hershey. When she saw the big signs of candy we decided to go there, then when we checked in they mention the Movers and her eyes jumped!
Ella was a Reese in height. This meant she could ride any ride with the Reese's sign. She was pretty excited to meet the Reese's guy.
A seal show? At Hershey park? Is he a chocolate seal?
Mmmmm boardwalk fries!
We played arcade games early on when it was raining and she actually won 2! She was pumped!!! The rain was nice because it kept the crowds down and made us try out things we normally wouldn't.
Right after getting her bunny face. She didn't want to take it off at the end of the night.

Ella rode her first real size roller coaster called the Super Dooper Looper. Can't believe that she is big enough to ride it and the she loved it! Half way through she yell's, "this is insane!" then keeps saying, "I want to go again." For that video and MANY others check our our Picasa page.

She seemed to be skipping the whole time we were there

I will post stuff about the Imagination Movers later. Even without that concert this was one of the best days of my life. What an amazing kid! Thank you God!