The Evolution of our Lives

Yesterday on a walk with Nick and Nicole, Ella started to talk about how smart she was. Sounds normal, right...no big deal...she was clear and easy to understand...sounds great, right! Unless you're Daddy and remember when she use to put the /f/ sound at the beginning of all /s/ words. So instead of saying that she was super smart, she use to say that she was "fuper fart."

Can't believe that is gone, one day those cute little things are just gone. You don't have time to prepare or even know that they are gone, it just happens and your heart breaks because there is no video, only the replay in my mind. A replay I hope to never loose. You won't hear or see those things again.

Tonight she helped make dinner, while getting things together she kept saying "this is going to be the best dinner ever." When Natalie went up to check on Sam she said, "you know what the best part of this dinner is, eating with family." How long until that joy and uninhibited love are tainted by the world. If it is up to her Daddy, I pray never.

Speaking of dinner, check out my burger: turkey buger grilled, toasted bun, sliced avacodo, fresh tomatos, dip egg, swiss cheese and old baby. Just missing a piece of bacon. Sooooo, good!!!

Natalie is not happy I have "pushed down" the one post she has done in the past 2 years. So scroll down and say a prayer for Donnie.