Kentucky Livin'

So we've made our way out to the "Blue Grass" state for a little Furnival fun. We've:
  • celebrated Ella's 6th birthday
  • seen Samantha start walking almost everywhere
  • gone to a Hibachi dinner to celebrate Roger and Bev's 32nd wedding anniversary
  • played in the little pool
  • Rocked out to the Beatles on RockBand
  • cooked a lot
  • played a lot
  • and had a ton of wild fun
We still have a week to go...Check out. Hailey and Kiana will be joining us today and I am sure nothing less than pure insanity will break out.

Ella, Sophia, Skler and Samantha in their tutus, all made my Grams. Hailey and Kiana will be getting theirs today.
Samantha and Skyler taking a bath. Samantha isn't a fan of a busy house, but when the numbers get smaller she laughs and smiles all the time.
The pool and slide out front have been a HUGE hit! All of the girls have gotten into it and Alex and I even tried to teach the girls how to slide on the slip and slide.
Skyler goofy and always making us laugh.
Uncle Al reading Samantha her favorite book.

MUCH more to come...that's why I wrote it in all cap locks, so you know I'm serious!