Next rest area: 13.1 miles

This past weekend, we flew to Louisville, KY so that Thomas could run in the Kentucky Derby mini marathon--his first ever long distance race. He has been training for it for months (though of course with his packed schedule, not as much as he would have liked). The day was a great day for a run--it rained in the morning, but cleared up by the time the race started, so it was just pleasantly cool for the runners (though a bit cold for we spectators!). Here are Ella, Baba Bevy and Grumpy Rog waiting on the sidelines for Thomas.
Thomas did an amazing job, finishing the race in 2 hours, 7 minutes. He was actually thrown off by a falty pedometer which told him his pace was faster than it ended up being, so I am even prouder that he was able to persevere through that disappointment and complete the race. Here he is at 6 miles:

Thomas pushing it out for the last 100 yards of the race.

Thomas, Nat, and Ella at the finish line. Daddy was exhausted but happy.

After the race, Thomas and Ed headed over to the Michelob Beer tent for their free beer (their race number actually had a drink ticket attached to it--I thought this was hilarious. ) Thomas said the icey cold brew was the perfect after-race beverage, so smart product placement on Michelob's part I guess. Look how happy they are!

Thomas' next half-marathon is in Virginia Beach at the end of the summer. Of course, all he can think about is improving his time for the next race, but the rest of us are just in awe that he accomplished this amazing feat. Good job Thomas!