Big Girl, Little Girl

This summer I have learned a lot about myself, my girls, my family and my God. I've realized the large age difference in the girls. Ella is a great big sister and we often talk about how cool it will be when Samantha is old enough to play doll house with, read with, play Wii with and son on.
Samantha adores Ella. Check out these pictures of Samantha yelling at Ella and banging on the door while Ella played with her friend Morgan in the front yard.
Is this sad or cute...or a little of both?
They both loves books. Ella loves to read to Sam and Samantha has started making sounds and noises as she flips through pages, just like her big sister.

Samantha loves the peek-a-boo books and anything that moves. This Animals book is one of her favorites because it has four sliding pictures on each page and we do lots of animals sounds while we read. Mommy's sounds are pretty funny and my elephant is just awful!