The King

Our 14-year-old cat Elvis, was hit while sleeping under a car last week. We have had Elvis since our first house in North Deitz on Fort Knox. At some point or another he has lived with each one of us and always adapted. He was an outdoor cat in Kentucky but became a house cat when we moved to Maryland. He lived with Natalie and I in our first Maryland apartment along with our other cat Ohio, who has been renamed Missy and now lives in Kentucky with Rog and Bev. Elvis also did stints in Virginia with Jenn and Shawn and lived with Charlie in his apartment.
Elvis and Ohio in our Cranberry Run apartment. He wasn't interested in the camera.

Dad relaxing with Elivs and Otto, they kind of make themselves comfortable.

About a year ago he moved from Mom and Dad's house across the street with us to give Thor (Ella's Cat) someone to play with. In just the past 2 weeks he was really pushing to go back outside to play with Hercules (Mom and Dad's outdoor cat). The 2 of them patrolled the area together, one following the other. Every neighbor knew them, loved them and fed them.

It has always been our fear that we would lose Hercules in this way and are now looking for an outdoor home for him. He is a very loving cat who just has to live outside. Despite not having his front claws he still brings us birds and mice. We are confident that he could live safely on a farm somewhere. If anyone knows someone who has this sort of safe home for him please let us know, we would hate to loose Hercules the same way we lost Elvis.

Ella was in Virgina Beach with Grams and Pops when this happened so I told her today. I told her that a car didn't see him and he got hit. That he is in heaven with Otto and Grandpa Bob and that we won't see him until we go to heaven. It told her how sad it made me and that I now have a special box (with his ashes) to remind me of him. She said, "that's okay Daddy, you and me can share my cat Thor." Then she ran to Natalie and told her about what happened and about my special box.