Happy Thanksgiving

Natalie spent weeks planning out Thanksgiving and I spent several hours taking apart a table trapped under the stairs and then putting it back together in the kitchen.  Check out the highlights of the day...

We started off with crab dip in a bread bowl, meat, cheeses, crackers and nuts for appetizers while we watched the worst Thanksgiving Day football games every!  Eventually Ella and I went outside to play football...she likes to throw and tackle.  When you throw it to her, the ball often bounces off her head.

Ella started to direct where we were going to sit and what to put out.  She set out a pack of "chewies" for each person too.  Soon she'll be able to run the whole thing and Mommy will get to sleep all day...like she wants to do.

Natalie's turkey came out awesome!  How could you not love the useless parsley to decorate it.  I did a turkey on the grill too, but it wasn't done in time.  Arg!!!  At least we were able to send plenty of left overs home with everyone.

Natalie insists that for the amount of time that goes into planning the meal, eating just flies by.  Ella said Grace and we enjoyed what Papa said was one of the best Thanksgiving meals he has had.  With a sick as Natalie has been the past few days, she was very grateful that the baby gave her a break today.  Speaking of which, can you believe how much there is to be thankful for this year!  We truly feel God is taking care of us day after day!

Afterwards we cut into the Thanksgiving Princess cake, it is one of the most treasured traditions that every family looks forward to.  

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