Relaxing with Donnie and the Girls

Once Grumpy, Baba, and Uncle Al fled the scene Donnie, Sophia and Skyler hung around and spent some down time in Maryland.
One night we stayed up to watch "Kung Foo Panda," which everyone seemed to love.
Aunt Natalie found and awesome playground at a McDonald's in Aberdeen.  Skyler was the perfect size to run through the tubes and although Uncle Donnie was a little big, he managed to have a great time chasing the girls.
Ella got a little tired in the tunnels, where there was apparently a lot of static!

Uncle Donnie was brave enough to take Ella and Sophia out on the ice to skate.  Ella said that she was going "super fast" and Sophia said that it was pretty cold.
Aunt Natalie was in charge of getting everyone ready and entertaining Skyler.
Skyler always found a reason to laugh and enjoy herself.  She sure does light up a house!