Going on a Bear Hunt

Today Ella and I went out on a "Bear Hunt." We saw no bears, but really enjoyed the stream, trees and time with Minnie Mouse.

No News is Good News?

We have recently started seeing the Dr. about having another child. We have been trying for well over a year with absolutely no results. We thought we had the answer: scar tissue.

On Tuesday Natalie went in for an HSG (don't know what it stands for). Essentially they were looking to see if there was any scar tissue getting in the way of her tubes. It seemed very likely considering the c-section, infection and DNC. When they took a look the Dr. said they were flowing perfectly and even said that her uterus looks great. We have had concerns since all of the drama after Ella was born. If this was the problem, it could be fixed and would be an answer, but now we don't know.

We have another appointment on Thursday to figure out our next steps. Today I had blood drawn for them to run a few tests. We'll keep praying.