6 Grand Daughters

Natalie's mom called when we were about 4 hours out to let us know that Pamela, Kevin and the girls were going to stop by for the day. Pretty big news considering that all 6 grandaughters had never been together and 5/6 of them are a a pretty fun age.
Uncle Donnie holding Sam while Haley tries to help burp her. Kiana and Haley were very intersted in the baby and were always coming up with plans as to who would rock her in the swing, who would bring her blanket and who would give her the paci.
The girl gab at lunch. They were actualy quieter eating together than one of them is eating alone. While eating they made plans for what they would play afterwards. There were board games, card games, legos, Barbies, a doll house, pillow fights, hide and seek and some sort of baby game. Then we went to the playground...

Sam didn't get to play with the girls too much, but she had plenty of attention. Between Uncle Al and Claire, she was in good hands...and so freakin' old. Come on KID!!!

Skyler, Kiana, Haley, Ella, Sophia and Samantha (held up by Mommy). No boys...

Furnival Clan: Alex, Donnie, Skyler, Pamela, Kevin, Roger, Beverly, Thomas, Natalie, Samantha, Ella, Kiana, Haley and Sophia.

O - H -

For the first leg of our trip we stopped off in Ohio to stay with Charlie, Michele and Wyatt at their new house. Ella and Grams went to an Indians game with Aunt Kim and Asclyn(sp). It was Ella's first Indians game and it went 13 innings, they stayed for 11 of them.
The next night Mommy and Daddy went to an Indians game (Sandy Alomar Jr was put in the Indians HOF and it was Victor Martinez bobble head night, eventhough he was traded the night before) with Charlie, Michele, Mark and Kara.

We had breakfast with Grandpa and Grandma Ruth and stopped in to visit Kara and Mark on their guinea pig's birthday. Ella was very excited to go to a guinea pig birthday party.
It is safe to say that Kara is still terrified of babies and will stick to raising guinea pigs for a while, eventhough Ella loves her and she always does a great job playing with her.
After our visit we stopped off to have family dinner at Olive Garden. When Ella said our prayer we started talking about our "daily bread" and we told her that she was our daily bread. She was the gift that sustained us each day.
During dinner we shared the bread, talked about how to break her bread and use it to wipe up the salad dressing off her plate and we just talked. She wasn't asking when she had to go to bed, what we were doing next, she was just Ella. She asked to wipe her face while she was eating, passed things bag and forth, talked about how delecious her meal was and was amazing. She was polite, loveing and helpful; everything that we know she is.
What made it even better was that she had just come off a Time Out in the store we were in before: she handled it, hugged me, listened and we all moved on.
While we took no pictures it was a simple meal at Olive Garden that we will remember and are very grateful for. Our daughter is amazing.
Ella, you are our daily bread...