I finally talked Natalie into a dog and it didn't take long for her to win Natalie over. Friday night we adopted a 6 year-old Lab mix named Ginger. Her previous owner passed away suddenly and his family had been searching for about 6 weeks to find a home for her. We found her through a colleague at work who had sent an e-mail out asking for a family for Ginger. I called Natalie right away because she sounded perfect for our family.
Danny and Jeff think she might have a little bit of Pit in the face and ears?

Ginger has been amazing! She jumped right in my truck, sat in the front seat and off we went. She is calm, sweet and very loving. She doesn't have accidents and can even be left out when we leave the house. The first 2 nights she has slept in the chair in our room. I have the crate set up, but she has never used one and I'm not sure yet if I want to introduce it to her.

I took her on a play date to visit my buddy and his Lab named Cali. She is young and hyper, but Danny has her really well trained. Ginger and I practiced some basic commands and made a few new friends. She seems to already know "come" and "sit." I'm working on "stay" and trying to get Natalie and Ella to feel confident with her. She responds really well to me, although she doesn't seem to like it when I make her run. After about an hour of playing she literally turned and walked away from me saying, "enough, where is my chair."
She has already brought so much joy to our lives. I've always told Natalie, "a man needs a big dog to lay around with and take running." While I'm not big on a lot of "man things," I do love having this dog. I am grateful to the Wade family for letting us welcome her into our family.
Samantha has warmed up to Ginger. The first time Ginger came over to sniff her and give her a kiss Sam freaked out. Now Sam is waiting her for her to play the drums. "Come on Ginger, I'll rock the maraca you hit the drum...follow my lead."

2 kids
awesome wife
big dog

How do you explain how blessed I am?