Natalie's Secret Garden

Since we moved in our backyard has been a MESS! The previous owners had 2 large dogs that dug holes everywhere. It was impossible to walk around with out twisting your ankle. And the more I dig to try and level it out the more strange things I would find.

A few weeks ago Natalie made the call that we should just turn the whole yard into a "Secret Garden" and use the large common area behind our house as the play area. It also helps that Grams and Pops have an awesome swing set and pirate sand box at their house...I am sure there are pictures on her blog.

My Dad and I got to work building boxes, cutting back trees, tilling up grass and laying down stones and sod. We have brought it countless bags of fresh soil and dug up rocks and roots from the neighbors tree, which is trying to invade our yard. We build a wall around the peach tree and we even dug up the rock path and built a "boardwalk" out the back gate. I love it!
Natalie wants everything we plant to be local and organic. Each Saturday morning we've made a trip to the Farmer's Market. This bed is called "Tomato Turn." It will have tomatoes and green peppers. I am pushing for jalapenos, but Ella says they are too spicy.Samantha and Minni weren't much help. Samantha was trapped on the blanket. Just got very frustrated at the crunchy feel of the grass.
Brutus has tried to get into and eat out of the "cabbage patch," which is off to the left. It has calliflower, broccoli, cabbage and 2 types of lettuce.
Most of the time Ella complained about her gloves, but put herself in charge of the "shaking." Natalie has done a great job mixing up some vegetables and some awesome tall grasses that will make a true "Secret Garden" in a few years. We'll add more pictures as it continues to grow.