30th Birthday

So..30, huh.  No big deal...except for all of the mean jokes; come on people!  Be nice to an aging man.  

My birthday seemed to go on for 2 weeks.  Natalie and I spent President's Day weekend in Cooperstown soaking up the Hall of Fame.  We were a little disappointed with the lack of depth and lack of an actual Historical story.  It was pretty much a collection of artifacts - still awesome and a great weekend.  The coolest thing was the Bonds 756 home run ball with the asterisk cut into it.
We ended up having our romantic Valentine's Day dinner at the Cooperstown Diner.  Natalie had the special:  $4.95 Prime Rib with salad, brownie, potatoes and green beans.  She also had a giant Shirley Temple, which she was pretty tickled with.

On my actual birthday I went to work and had the kids and random students throughout the school singing to me about 40 times, not bad... Natalie arranged to have Jenn, Shawn and Johnny deliver balloons and lunch.  That night we went to bible study and celebrated with blue cupcakes and our group.  What else would you expect from an aging hipster.  

On Friday everyone came over for more cupcakes, wings, and pizza.  Charlie brought over his Wii to get everyone active.

Celebration, gifts and parties aside the best time I've had in the past 2 weeks was with Ella and Natalie at Port Discovery on Saturday.  It is the coolest indoor playground you could imagine! Three stories of cargo nets, slides and rock walls... all build for kids.  I ripped my pants climbing, what does that mean?

Not to mention the water exploration room, ancient Egypt and the pretend Royal Farms gas station with the store for Ella to shop in and then actually ring her items up on a real working cash register.  You can see how serious she is working the cash register.  She kept kissing us and saying how awesome it was.  She calls it "the fun place."  
As always, check out the Mobile Me account for more pictures and some video.  Ella has been dancing a whole lot lately...her favorite song is "The Hamster Dance."  You can imagine how funny this is - or go watch it!