Alright Sammy, I mean "Havoc." This morning as I was chasing Samantha through the house to put her in a Figure 4 Leg Lock and pulling her off the kitchen table (what?!) an old X-Factor character came to mind..."Havoc."
Havoc would shoot plasma blasts that he had a hard time controlling. If I remember right (and it has been a while) he is the brother of Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, and the 2 teams were often at ends with each other even though they were often working for the same side. Ummm...Samantha!

Somehow she has learned to climb on the kitchen table where she really dug into some bananas.

She really wanted to get the beads for the Christmas tree and is really troubled by the "balls" on the tree. It was a 3 way tug of war, of course Ella was "helping." She is a good big sister :-)

If she is all about the balls on the tree, what do you think she does with the exercise ball...which I have turned into a foot rest. Something seems wrong about that.

Ginger, oh Ginger. While I feel that you almost deserve a little harassment by my Havoc for destroying my t-shirt blanket, Samantha is always after her.

Through all her Havoc, though, she is so smart, sweet and a true blessing from God...that is JOY on that face my friends...JOY!