Ella Starting School

Today we wrapped up day 12 of Ella in Kindergarten. She is fully established and totally in school now. No more pretending; she is actually growing up. Mommy and Daddy are not taking this lying down, however, we have a spy...Mr. Dennison!

Ella started her school career at the best school in the county, Daddy's school...Havre de Grace Elementary! She is not in my class and I can never be her teacher, but it is so nice to see her at lunch everyday and to see her in line down the hallway.

Ella waits for me everyday at recess, but after a quick hug will run off to play with anyone she can find. She grabs their hand and just says, "What's your, name? Let's go." I have never seen anything like it. Sometimes the kids look a little freaked out...who is this crazy girl, calling the teacher Daddy and not scared of anyone?!On Tuesday she realized that I was a teacher. For the first 2 weeks of school I don't think it made sense to her. After she came to my class and saw me interacting with the kids, playing guitar and other kids hugging me it suddenly sunk in. On the way home she told me, "you know it's pretty cool that you're a teacher. Normally you're just Daddy, but you're a teacher too. That's so cool."

Then at home she told Natalie that she got to walk down the hallway with the teacher and she didn't even have to be in line like the other kids! She just walked out with the teacher and she wasn't even line leader!...I was walking the bus riders out to buses and I had her just walk along with me, who knew "walking with the teacher (Daddy)" would be so awesome.
It has been odd to see things about the school through a parent's eye. I am trying to just be Daddy and not Mr. Dennison, especially when it comes to talking to Natalie about school. It is hard line, but one I am willing to walk to see Ella everyday.

So...how confused are you with the multiple names and references in this post? Mr. Dennison = teacher = Daddy = Thomas, did you follow?