30th Anniversay

Photo taken by Ella, not bad...

For Grams and Pops' 30th Anniversary we treated them to an amazing meal at the Capital Grill in Baltimore. It is the best steak house in the city! It was great to just enjoy each other and try something very special. It is not often you have the opportunity to have almost the whole family together while someone else takes care of you. We very much missed Shawn, but his mini clone was there.
Although Ella started the night eating fancy Mac and Cheese (which everyone loved), she eventually remembered how much she loves steak!!!
Ella loves to "do cheers!"
Those are some pretty cute grandkids!!! Yes, Ella is wearing her singing Ariel seashell necklace...it was her "jewelry."

After dinner we went across the street to the ESPN Zone in the Harbor because Ella wanted to do some racing. She played every racing game we could find: boats, snowmachines, street cars, race cars, etc...In her race against Mommy, Mommy found it too touch to keep up with Ella and actually lost. Not "I'll let my daughter win" lost but "ahhh, she's beating me" lost!!!
Uncle Chuckles wasn't going to let her win...although Daddy didn't either. She loves to shift and push all of the boost buttons.

Welcome Home Grandpap

Just wanted Grandpap to know how thankful we are that he is coming home from the hospital and that he is in our prayers. Take care of yourself Great-Grandpap:-)