Ella at Kennedy Krieger

We had a biannual appt at Krieger today. We are ao lucky to live so close. People travel hours to see these doctors. We had a scare when we arrived--they said our appointment was at 11:00 but I was told 1:30. Got there early enough that Dr Vernon was still there and we were still able to see her. They are so accommodating and kind. 

Dr Vernon ordered a neuro psyche eval to get a baseline of Ella's strengths so we can better understand if her inconsistent performance at school  and moodiness is due to fatigue or just normal Ella. Should be helpful. 

They got her blood drawn with just 1 stick this time. Poor baby-- you could see her pulse leaping out of her artery in her neck she was so nervous. She did great though! 

Sami's first day of dance

After many tears, this is what Sami wore on her first day of ballet. She got crazy sunburn yesterday at Hammerman beach. We went for a last summer fling and didn't bother to use sunscreen. Next day she was bright red. So Minnie Mouse it is for today. The pink leotard will have to wait.  She still looks adorable though!