Molly Marie is getting big!

I Molly Marie will be turning 1 year old in less than a month! I know it sounds cliche but I just cannot believe how quickly the time has past. For a past 2 weeks she has started standing on her own for brief moments and is cruising all over the place. She has 8 teeth now and will eat pretty much anything. She especially loves cheese cubes, scrambled eggs, raspberries, watermelon, waffles, and hotdogs. She no longer is nursing--she really strarted losing interest around 9 months but was still nursing in the morning mostly for my benefit. Once I found out we were expecting baby #4 I decided to give my body a break for a little while and fully weaned her. She didn't seem to mind at all and her preference is solid foods and feeding herself. 

She loves playing with the big girls and no one can make her laugh like silly Sami. She especially loves to crawl over to the tub and splash in the water while the girls take their nightly bath. 

Molly is also learning some sign language and sounds. She puts her hands together for "more" and shakes her hand up and down for "drink." She puts her arms up for "all done" and will clap her hands for "stop" when we tell her stop! 

She is also saying "dada" and just said "mama" last night for the first time. She also smacks kisses at you and will open and close her hand to wave. 

Sami loves her little sister. 
Molly just loves Papa. 

She is still pretty tiny for her age and is about 19 pounds and still fits into most 6 months clothes. She eats like a horse though so I am thinking she will hit a growth spurt soon! 

Fun at HDG craft night

Last night the PTA hosted a Christmas craft night for the students. We decorated cookies, made a santa ornament and a Christmas mouse. Of course Ella's favorite was the mouse. About half way through the night, Ella stopped making her own crafts in order to help Jen with her station. Sami and I had some great mommy daughter time while Grams generously watched Molly who was a big hit with all the other moms. A great night!